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Why OM?

Why OM as our symbol?

OM ('Aum' - rhymes with '.com') is an ancient Sanskrit word. Sanskrit is a preeminent sacred and sophisticated language, and one of the oldest known roots of the Indo-European languages. Sanskrit is deeply woven into the fabric of the collective world consciousness and is often referred to as the "mother of all language".

Aum is the ultimate inclusionist; considered a close representation of the sound of the 'hum-of-life-itself''. It is said to embrace all that exists: both the forms and the formless, as well as, even 'that without form or formlessness' (ie: all potentiality).

Why simply white and gold?

Bringing together all colors of the light spectrum creates white, this visually represents everyone being included.

White represents light. Light is what makes invisible-visible, brings truth from obscurity, and indicates purity of thought & intention, as well as, perfection achieved thru harmony & balance.

The white flag also symbolizes a "surrender" of ego; a surrender to source - however you perceive it; a surrender to the ancient understanding and wisdom that has been passed down to us by the most loving teachers of all traditions via their deep contemplation and meditation. It also indicates a desire for peace above all.

Gold has always represented value and something worth striving for. It represents the radiance of the sun and the vitality of life energy. It symbolizes a coming golden age of humanity where virtue, wisdom and clarity reign. It is a transitional symbol of flexibility and strength, representing perfection in all matters. It is a symbol of immutability, eternity and perfection.

The lack of embellishment speaks of simplicity, truth, purity, humility and ego-lessness.

The gold circle represents the inclusion of the whole globe & ALL BEINGS in this vision.