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What is 'IN-US'?

IN-US is the InterNational United State, it is a virtual and real "state" of united consciousness.

It is a global movement of individuals who recognize oneness and declare themselves to be citizens of the whole-world, citizens of love; simply real people, who want to create real change.

Our Declaration

A preliminary & developing list of agreements and understandings that are IN-US.

On being Human:

Life is sacred.

I consider myself and all others beings as global, indeed universal citizens and integral, symbiotic parts of nature; different, but equal, valuable, and worthy of love, compassion and fair share of the natural abundance of mother earth, simply by being a manifestation of lifeforce.

I approach people without a sense of superiority or inferiority. I approach people with love and an effort to understand their perspective, which I know can be quite different from mine.

I believe in the innate goodness in all forms of life. I refrain from judgment, as I understand that I do not hold exalted understanding of absolute truth. I believe that love is the ultimate wisdom.

I have hope.

On Being Spiritual:

Love & Consciousness are sacred.

Love is the true goal of all religions and there are many paths to achieve this goal. I respect all avenues that lead to a loving, compassionate response.

I am aware that the consciousness that resides in me, resides in other people to the same degree-regardless of how they appear on the outside-this consciousness is one force.

I am aware that this consciousness also resides in animals, plants, mother-earth and the universe to a degree which most of us are unaware.

Well-being is the natural state.

On Being Political:

Peace is sacred.

Humans can live in peace and I believe in peace above all.

I believe in a supportive community; one which does not subscribe to competition. I strive only for win-win, and believe it can be achieved thru love and understanding.

Self transformation is the route to humanity's transformation. Inner-peace & outer-peace are deeply connected. I work on cultivating my own peaceful nature.

I believe our actions, thoughts and beliefs, creates our reality moment by moment, day by day, eon by eon. I take responsibility for supporting the system in which we live.

I recognize the need for a total paradigm shift based on conscious awareness. I believe we can recreate human organizations and governance. I believe we are at the beginning of the turnaround. I believe sharing and caring are vital human political pursuits. Compassion is revolutionary.

I believe there is enough material wealth in the world already; there is enough to share and material wealth does not make us happier or healthier. I believe in the many R's: rethink, reduce, reuse, repair, reconnect, revamp, recycle, reintegrate, restore, reinvent, return to basics-we have been doing it wrong, we need a major re-do.

I welcome connecting with like-minded individuals and believe in the power of community to affect change. I make changes where necessary to make the world a better, more peaceful and loving place for all. I am willing to share, to help, to love.

On Being Citizens of the Planet:

Our only home, the Earth is sacred.

I believe there is a better way to live.

I wish to restore earth to its beautiful, healthy, natural state so all life can thrive and find its own natural balance. I want to stop the rampant destruction of the earth by the production of too much material goods and unsustainable energy.

I believe in a symbiotic relationship with earth & nature; that mother nature is not to be conquered--but to be befriended, learned from and worked with.

I support the implementation of free, clean, energy that can be shared by all;

I believe there is abundance in every aspect of creation.

On Being Visionary:

Imagination is more important than knowledge; if we imagine a better world, we will create it.

If we believe in it, we will create it.

If we live it, we will create it.

We WILL create it.

Support This Movement:

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