Welcome om! The love revolution starts in-us. omflag global peace project.

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global peace project

OmFlag is a mode of sacred activism and aims to connect peaceful individuals devoted to re-creating world-order with love as its guiding principal. Through global adoption of this symbol we crystallize a vision of a new world in our consciousness and project it into the minds of others. Drawing our ranks closer, and seeing the multitudes on this path of transformation brings us courage to shine our light a little brighter.

Displaying this symbol shows that you care and are trying to do your best...it helps you know others are too. Thus enabling us to connect with each other and reminding ourselves to be peaceful and conscious in our daily interactions.

The planet today is at a vibrational and ecological tipping point. The decisions and values you hold right now have the power to dramatically impact mankind. When you come together with others in the name of love and extend a hand of compassion, a transformation occurs; you are no longer simply a human being - you are a peace builder aiding a global movement rooted in personal responsibility and a belief that life, ALL LIFE - IS SACRED.