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On Growing a Nation

Manifesting is Sacred

In the long-term, we visualize OmFlag fostering real physical communities.

Imagine looking for a home and being able to discern the disposition of your neighbors, or the character of the neighborhood simply by the presence of OmFlag. This will be one of the most powerful ways the International United State of Consciousness will politically crystallize -- thru a slow and organic growth of intentional communities of independent homeowners or tenants. Although perhaps slower to form, how much more flexible and practical than the current ideal of 'intentional community' with their political, social, financial and structural challenges.

Imagine also, being able to discern like-minded businesses. Of course there is always a risk of OmFlag being used as a ploy. We will have to be vigilant, get to know a person's true nature. But even used as a ploy to bring clientele to their place of business, in due time, that business will be positively affected by the vibration and vision which IN-US brings to them; and before long, the impact will manifest as a positive change nonetheless. This subtle yet powerful influence will draw more and more people to the vision. This is where the true magic lies.

Before long a small but discernible international-nation will emerge, once visible, it will burgeon very quickly; after all, as with conscious awakening, growth is the only possible direction. People are ready to let go of the old ways of being and doing things, they see their life and reality falling apart. If there is an offer of an alternative and positive vision, especially if its being held by many, they will move towards it, like a beacon on the stormy sea of life.

This movement will only grow; perhaps slowly at first, like a giant ancient wheel of magnificent proportions, beginning a creaking roll, going ever so slowly and taking ages for the first revolution but speeding up at every turn - even the most pessimistic would agree that when more people hold a vision of a kind and loving world, the more we can expect quick and exponential growth.

We are asking you, human of this world, to concentrate and hold the vision with us and millions of others, of a loving and kind world. Let the flag of the InterNational United State of Consciousness be a constant reminder of that vision... It's a simple bit of grit which allows the beautiful pearl to form.

"A humanity at peace will know the endless fruits of victory, sweeter to the taste than any nurtured on the soil of blood. An effective League of Nations will be a natural, nameless league of human hearts."

~ Sri Paramahansa Yogananda