Welcome om! The love revolution starts in-us. omflag global peace project.

Welcome OM!

Om Sweet Om

The evolution of consciousness is at hand and NOW IS THE TIME to invite conscious people worldwide to embrace OmFlag - as the preeminent symbol of unity.

OmFlag makes visible the multitude on the path of personal & global transformation and heralds the LOVE REVOLUTION quietly growing under the brutal mayhem we call life today.

In these deeply troubled times, conscious individuals are being called to action; you only have to tune into your heart to hear it.

If you to tune in for a moment now, we believe you will grasp the magnitude of this unique Spiritual-Global-Peace Initiative.

Be a pioneer in this vision, acquire your own OmFlag HERE and display it prominently.

The LoveRevolution
starts IN-US.

Wishing you magnificent and abundant blessings of peace, love and light!

In service,


Welcome OM!